“There’s great strength in one name…Daddy”

Wasaga - Sept 2015 083
a Frolic Imagination, is linked to a heart of…. deep sensation…

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the taste of salt

turns bitter without being sprinkled

what was once dirt

turns into a natural earth

the demons of fear

whirls around the eyes

crystal… gold… candles

glass table.. fur seats…

elegant dresses

all lose their allure

children’s questionable eyes

unanswered dilemmas

protecting their innocence

chewing on our sour pride

keeping a normal stride

its not what we saw coming

its not what was meant to happen

its not a poverty

its bitter sweet

hopes and memories

keeping a hold on strong feet…

The Loss

During the dark hours of winter

when the snow em-blazed

an endless route

when the sun seemed to

shy away in different moods

when the whistles from the wind

carried a resonance

Hence, a light sparked

within a life…

the very thought…. those tiny hands

the essence of little baths

the vision of a small crib

next to my bed

decorated were my dreams

relished with many colors

in as short as a week

ringing were my ears

with the sound of more laughter

that would echo around the walls

And then…..

within seconds, the ecstasy of my heart

was replaced

when the submission of that dream

was set ablazed

when the hopes in my eyes

were dried

what had sparked earlier

was now denied

it left me even before

making a presence known

the thought of having another

was forever lost

as I bled through the night

As my ‘little’ joy left my soul

as my body cringed with pain

then snow… now replaced by rain

more darkness prevailed into smoky shades

the days have gone by

blacks turning into hues

n some blues

howling winds come n go

chirping birds are here to stay

but I know….

the loss of a life…

Is not the loss of a soul.


The last breadth…

delusional fantasy

She said

it’ll be awhile

until I trust thee

He said,

every second

within the hour

is like eternity

she said,

an eternal love

is like finding pearls

underneath a rock

he said,

every fortnight within

your profound love

is finding thousands of stars

within a block

she said,

no love is

blissful enough to

swift ones feet

off the ground

he said,

where your feet

brushes the land

my heart skips astound

where the water

shimmers down your hair

an esoteric allusion rises

as subtle n profound

something my fingers

yearns to slide through

what I can only envision

with trembling lips

she lifts her forefingers

n’ places them on his cheeks

the traces of scars

on his face

his eyes determined with grace

he doesn’t move a muscle

he doesn’t inhale a breadth

to have this moment end

he’d rather embrace death

her eyes shade of crystal


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