Bridge it…

“Trying to bridge a way between distances, stumbling over thorns n falling through bushes… I yearn to stand on a platform that’ll take me to an open field !” SFC

Long ago, that quote felt more obscure. I have learnt, that looking at any mirror from the past shows a negative reflection. The more we try to see a clear image, the more hazy it turns out. So, I came to a solution. Why not erase it completely ?

Few months back, I myself would have voiced it to be ‘impossible’. No, its not. Its difficult, for some very difficult, but not impossible. This is what we convince ourselves. This is what, I convinced myself. I could keep looking at my reflection and embrace all the miseries of the past Or (don’t let it be an option)  I could devoid my mind of all those negativities and create brighter images. Formulate a happy note from those tears. Bridge it. And then navigate the same reflection at every step. The dark clouds turn blue. The wilted plants regain its strength. The noise in the house becomes music. And you find that you were standing on that  open field, though it just became wider. img_6164