Have you ever considered, what’s it like to be reborn? Ofcourse, scientifically, its not possible, but there are many areas, where practicality linked with science feels more like a dim light.

There is not much difference between an illusion and a delusion. Both are described as a misconception or a fantasy which can only be felt in a disturbed mind. According to the dictionary, they are both false perceptions of reality.

I don’t agree with this theory. An illusion can become a part of reality. Happiness, Love, Sadness, Hatred; its a series of emotions which is conspicuous on a person’s face. But there is a feeling that goes beyond the ones mentioned. It’s a deep inner feeling, that’s only felt by the contents of the heart. It sends a smiling notion to the mind, while it holds all expressions on the face. It sends a warm tinted feeling on the skin, but it stays away from the lightness in the eyes. It shows all signs of maturity from the body language, but it spreads all the innocence dug deep in the heart. It’s an illusion, but its not a fantasy.

It’s more like being reborn, without any disturbance in the mind; without any misconceptions that deludes one from happiness.