Month: February 2016

Nowhere to Fly…


Jackie was a happy camper.. He was loved, he could imitate our voices and learnt new words faster then a toddler. maybe he wanted to feel the air in his wings, maybe he was content ?  He brought much joy to our lives n our home. Sometimes I wondered if his eyes could be read? I tried too… but maybe not hard enough.

His cage remained open. He knew we trusted him. Its a great feeling, this trust. My kids trust me a lot. and I want to reciprocate it the same way, without any ‘ifs’ n ‘buts’.

Jackie had a sudden death and it left us feeling empty once again. It was like he couldn’t go on with the loss of my dad. My dad loved communicating with him through whistles.  He wasnt the kind to give up, but one day he couldnt fight with his own battle with cancer.

There are choices we are compelled to make, even if we dont want to, we just have to… giving up and let the fate decide; and thats where it all ends !