End of Summer

summer starts with sparkling sun

baking the skin with crisp warmth

white clouds of every shape

garnish the sky, forever, during the days

heavy showers, during May n June

cleanses the flowers, the plants n the trees

the squirrels, the birds n the buzzing bees

holidays start with promising days ahead

children’s nonstop chatter at home n around

leaves the silence all dead !

Trips to parks n beaches

the riped strawberries n juicy peaches

the smoky bar b ques, the sweet buttered corn

the long drives between open fields

the sight of open farms

dancing under the sprinklers

on a scorching sunny day

its almost the end of july

we still thought it was May !

By the start of August

the days of summer seems to get less

things become less important

like cooking n the house in a mess

mummy’s visit sparked up things even more

kids getting free reign

n running out the door

thinking back to the trip of MarineLand

when summer had only started

we plan another picnic

the hottest day marked

we glide along with our excitement

a packed car with ice box

n maybe even a tent

a shady tree, a sandy beach

sparkling water, just within reach

games of frisbee, chasing after my son

it’s a little tiresome

by sunset, the glowy skins

speaks for us all

a perfect day n a perfect vacation

coming to an end..


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