Month: September 2015

The Beauty of Summer

a Frolic Imagination, is linked to a heart of.... deep sensation...
a Frolic Imagination, is linked to a heart of…. deep sensation…

End of Summer

summer starts with sparkling sun

baking the skin with crisp warmth

white clouds of every shape

garnish the sky, forever, during the days

heavy showers, during May n June

cleanses the flowers, the plants n the trees

the squirrels, the birds n the buzzing bees

holidays start with promising days ahead

children’s nonstop chatter at home n around

leaves the silence all dead !

Trips to parks n beaches

the riped strawberries n juicy peaches

the smoky bar b ques, the sweet buttered corn

the long drives between open fields

the sight of open farms

dancing under the sprinklers

on a scorching sunny day

its almost the end of july

we still thought it was May !

By the start of August

the days of summer seems to get less

things become less important

like cooking n the house in a mess

mummy’s visit sparked up things even more

kids getting free reign

n running out the door

thinking back to the trip of MarineLand

when summer had only started

we plan another picnic

the hottest day marked

we glide along with our excitement

a packed car with ice box

n maybe even a tent

a shady tree, a sandy beach

sparkling water, just within reach

games of frisbee, chasing after my son

it’s a little tiresome

by sunset, the glowy skins

speaks for us all

a perfect day n a perfect vacation

coming to an end..


Today I extinguish

the candles lit

cause nothing remains

it becomes a myth

Today the blazing sun

will try again

to torch a world

‘hell, who’s to blame?’

Today a lurking shadow

will regain its strength

for every move n every step

it’ll have no end

Today a floating breeze

will brush away

the fallen leaves

Today the hopes of life

will either expand

…… Or drown

for every darkness

a speck of light..

… Comes with a sound

Just a quote

Sparkling tears, bear a happy note

A hidden smile, can be felt in a quote

Fingers spread, grasping for air

Blinding eyes have lost their strength, to stare !

Silent Muse

Engulfed in the flowing pain

Trying to untangle from a heavy strain

Curtained behind a dark shadow

Looking for a light that’ll someday glow

Once again, I don’t wanna drown

I might lose that smile

in search of a crown

Feeling like a Silent Muse

the walk by the beach

the love, still unused

A voice that wouldn’t call

A ray of shine

somewhere, it did fall

Retracing footsteps, may not help

Lost in a smoky night

Hearing the sounds of angry yelps

Holding on to an invisible force

I firmly move……..

…towards a heartfelt source…..