Month: November 2014

to be or not to be….A Beleiver (Chapter One)

the Bible says : in the sweat of thy face thou shall eat bread, till thou return unto the ground… n unto dust  shalt thou return. ( Genesis 3:19)

the Quran says : inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi rajahoon  , ” Surely we belong to Allah and to Allah we will return”


some people might ignore my blog thinking, “whats so different about this, we already have this message”‘ and some people will scroll down to see if the text is not too long n they do have the time for it?

I have stopped worrying about the consequences of what “people” think of my blogs. it took me sometime to convince myself that “when you stand for something what is right, dont think what others will think or how they’ll react !”

n then the question arises ; how do we know what is right n what is wrong ?

when Allah sent all the ayats n  surahs and compiled for us a book… Quran ; a book that not only teaches us the value of life n our surroundings n relations, but from scientific proof to nature, to the time we are in a womb until the time we will be laid to rest in our graves, How can we question “what is right n wrong” when  every answer is already given to us by the One who Created us.

if you use an iPhone or an iPad, and something goes wrong, what do you do ? do you call an internet company or an automobile firm or maybe a college in your area ? No ! you get the Manual out and Read. what if the manual says, leave it for charge for a couple of hours and see ? you dont have a choice but to follow the Instructions… you might even call the apple help line and they’ll make you wait for eternity until someone tells you what went wrong… n since we do want our iphone fixed, we wait; even if it means leaving the food on the stove, call a friend later…maybe even call our moms later…

n then something really bad goes wrong somewhere in the road of life… losing a job, waiting for an interview to be answered…. the girl/boy you fell in love with just leaves you for someone else… n suddenly you dont have the patience anymore… God needs to answer right away…like in a matter of day or two….

our life’s Manual…

Our everyday functions and our way of life is already instructed to us in a Manual known as the Quran. how can we stand in front of a stone or a grave or a cow or Anything for that matter and ask them to solve Any problem ?

you say, Allah does not answer as quickly. Allah says, how quickly do you respond when I call ?

you say, when I’m greiving, Allah is quiet and I feel silence all around me. Allah says, does an examiner speak at all during an exam or he lets you finish first n make you wait for the result ?

you say, if Allah is so loving n giving, why do we face problems. Allah says,  can you fail a final semester and expect to get a job in a multi national without graduating ?


Allah has sent answers in our everyday life; every step in our lives is filled with examples and answers that we seek from Allah subhaanu Tallah.


a dream job interview… you have to dress up, be in your best clothes. you wait outside the office for your turn… you stand respectfully in front of a top man who’s running a high profile company.

What about the One who’s created the world ? He only requires us to bow n stand in front of him 5 times everyday. Only 5 times….

we Only need to thank Him 5 times, for the soul inside our body, for the relations around us, for the children who fills our hearts, for the food and a cosy bed…. but above all, for the light in our eyes that makes us see the colour of the world, for the sound in our ears that makes us hear all the lovely sounds even when there’s silence, for our hands and feet to help others and stand with pride…


For all the things and so much more…. Allah has given us the world to explore !