Smoky Vision

the uncalled notion, rolls into a catastrophe
a burning ozone within the heart
the beat too rapid, unforeseen, unheard
was it really coming from his chest ?
breadthless eyes, searching for the smoke
there was a fire, a row of steps indicated the truth
he couldn’t follow now; his shadows visible at twilight
his conation, bearing a strong warning
his heartbeat, accelerating with every thought
all the emotions, simmered in his throat
his attentions diverts
just a few hundred yards away
the raw beauty, with long raven hair, reverts
deepened skin, with footsteps bare
sleak fingers, stretching shapely at the end of each arm
eyes shadowed under the long lashes
her unwieldly dress, sinuous through ashes
wrapped amassed smokes; flying with the wind
her dainty cheeks, turned crimson
before he could make his visibility known
cloaked in the shadow, before his cover was blown
he retraced his steps towards that divine vision
a delusion locked his eyes on her face, as he neared
her rosy lips, that would smile in the brightness
of the sun; now pale with disquietude
perspiring skin, question in her eyes
his feet rooted, just a few steps behind
a yard of distance, and a hundred miles to reach her heart
where was the courage, that dug into his veins
where was the fearless man, who had torched the shed
to free his love, from a tangled thread
her deep brown eyes, slashed through his soul
he felt a vigorous force,
push through a storm in his blood
his heartbeat, intensified,
blatant as the horse back ride
four steps and he could reach her
the vision from his dreams
a perception has set his heart with a gleam
even with the anguish relenting
the unspoken words, blood staining her smooth neck
tear streaks of dust, tracing the contours of her cheeks
with soft careful steps, she made her way towards him
a magnetic pull found their fingers, as they locked
a nerve wrecking relief, from her shoulders, dropped
as her head, fell on his chest; no screams, no cries
Resentment from days before, could’ve dried
Years of insolence, trapped behind the castle walls
She had spent her days, scrubbing floors
Instead of playing with dolls,
Her only solace, had been the concealed window
Where she was locked every night
Away from the villagers sight
He was a shadow, a robin for thieves
He had brushed his skills, with the first hoot,
Filling his needs and treasures, with every loot
Until his eyes had fallen, to the sheer beauty
His mind adhered, his heart captured
His only goal, to free her from the affliction
His plans set, with every determination
He glided his way towards the woods
Carrying his maiden, in his arms..
Through twilight and smoke, they embarked
Upon a new journey, and disappeared into dark

the old ways…the historical days

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Old School

Grasping for a pen to write my thoughts

Tumbling over words… grabbing a dictionary

From the book shelf,

Amplitudes or magnitudes

Murkiness or cheerfulness

A web of sentences intertwined

Comes thesaurus… my savior

Rescuing what needs a hand,

Thread of words, finding their rightful place


No iPad No tablet

No cell phone no laptop

No iPod, no music


I’m old school…

A leather journal, tied with a string

A set of blank papers used as fillers

An ancient looking writing desk

A small lamp,

to complete the touch

Soft breeze brushes the brim of my hair

Falling as music to my ears

A tête-à-tête of a dozen birds

My daily broadcast


A quill n an ink would perfect the touch

If there were any

To embellish my writing hands

The old ways…the historical days

Carried a prominent class

Their words melted hearts

Their books adorned libraries

For lovers, their stories were held

In high esteem, still idolized by many

Yes, I’m old school

Living in a nest built with twigs

Not knowing buttons or switch

Or the wires congested


I’m old school

Relishing in the stories

Of medieval times

The long dresses, the natural innocence

Flushed cheeks, shyness hidden

Behind lashes

The curtesy between opposite sexes

N well-guarded courtship

Before marriages

My body lives in a modern world

But my soul is convinced

It lives in the 1800s

Life n Death

What is life ?

…its a distance between

the ground n the sky

..its a road with many cracks

and endless signs to make

a wrong turn

…its a flowing a river

that ends somewhere

and plunges down

where it ends

…its a time span

from the sun rise

n when it sets..


What is death ?

…its where light begins to shine

when darkness prevails

…its when the mind stops working

but the heart is still beating

….its the closeness we feel

with God’s existence

…its the beginning

of a never ending life…




The Creature…

A body fell deep into a Black Sea

leaving the spirit behind

I was mirrored by an image

sinking… falling…

I saw my soul separate from my body

it sank n disappeared

into an unknown sea..

too dark to contemplate

the heart didn’t feel

at the right place

everything felt empty

just like my invisible hands

I looked around, searching

saw some movement in the distance

yet no one noticed

no help nearby

Time was running

time was of essence and

it was slipping away

I wandered a little further

n’ found a boat with a strange

looking creature

holding  the light of hope

I croaked my concern

my voice devoid of any emotions

this wasn’t me…

trying not to panic

I managed a whisper

begging the creature

with green eyes

to retrieve my lost soul

I held its hand with uneven fingers

and lead them

towards the spot where

my body had fallen

the creature signaled

he was going in…

sensing my anguish

he placed his thumb

where my heart could’ve been

a sign of reassurance…

his ears, one up, one down

twitched every minute

without another glance

he dove deep down into a murkiness

Before all would be lost

before the little life left in me

wavered to a place unknown

suddenly…. like magic

a sign of twilight emerged

outlining all the edges

visible to the eyes

a pinch of light sprinkled

its way into the ocean

a few more dust of light

made its way closer…

there, the body came into view

like resting into a deep sleep

I felt my lungs

stripped of oxygen

my eyes losing vision

the last sight… the creature

dark shade of blue,

3 uneven fingers on each hand,

was pulling out my lifeless body

his soft green eyes, held mine

as I drifted away into another world


hours, days or maybe months later

I regained my consciousness

to a sight of endless ocean

my senses floating away from reality

my fingers caressing the feel of water

my feet dug into a soft sand

the saltish odor of sea n land

I was lost in the oblivion

in search of my soul…