Smoky Vision


the uncalled notion, rolls into a catastrophe
a burning ozone within the heart
the beat too rapid, unforeseen, unheard
was it really coming from his chest ?
breadthless eyes, searching for the smoke
there was a fire, a row of steps indicated the truth
he couldn’t follow now; his shadows visible at twilight
his conation, bearing a strong warning
his heartbeat, accelerating with every thought
all the emotions, simmered in his throat
his attentions diverts
just a few hundred yards away
the raw beauty, with long raven hair, reverts
deepened skin, with footsteps bare
sleak fingers, stretching shapely at the end of each arm
eyes shadowed under the long lashes
her unwieldly dress, sinuous through ashes
wrapped amassed smokes; flying with the wind
her dainty cheeks, turned crimson
before he could make his visibility known
cloaked in the shadow, before his cover was blown
he retraced his steps towards that divine vision
a delusion locked his eyes on her face, as he neared
her rosy lips, that would smile in the brightness
of the sun; now pale with disquietude
perspiring skin, question in her eyes
his feet rooted, just a few steps behind
a yard of distance, and a hundred miles to reach her heart
where was the courage, that dug into his veins
where was the fearless man, who had torched the shed
to free his love, from a tangled thread
her deep brown eyes, slashed through his soul
he felt a vigorous force,
push through a storm in his blood
his heartbeat, intensified,
blatant as the horse back ride
four steps and he could reach her
the vision from his dreams
a perception has set his heart with a gleam
even with the anguish relenting
the unspoken words, blood staining her smooth neck
tear streaks of dust, tracing the contours of her cheeks
with soft careful steps, she made her way towards him
a magnetic pull found their fingers, as they locked
a nerve wrecking relief, from her shoulders, dropped
as her head, fell on his chest; no screams, no cries
Resentment from days before, could’ve dried
Years of insolence, trapped behind the castle walls
She had spent her days, scrubbing floors
Instead of playing with dolls,
Her only solace, had been the concealed window
Where she was locked every night
Away from the villagers sight
He was a shadow, a robin for thieves
He had brushed his skills, with the first hoot,
Filling his needs and treasures, with every loot
Until his eyes had fallen, to the sheer beauty
His mind adhered, his heart captured
His only goal, to free her from the affliction
His plans set, with every determination
He glided his way towards the woods
Carrying his maiden, in his arms..
Through twilight and smoke, they embarked
Upon a new journey, and disappeared into dark



Picture Courtesy by: Bismah C For a week now I have looked at this picture. It may not be the most breadth taking click of a sunrise, but it left me dazzled at that time when my daught…

Source: Twilight…


Picture Courtesy by: Bismah C

For a week now I have looked at this picture. It may not be the most breadth taking click of a sunrise, but it left me dazzled at that time when my daught…

Source: Twilight…


I’m shielding my kids

With a net 

Over their heads.. 

but I’m the only predator 

If I leave.. 

They’ll be exposed 

To the darkness 

In this world 

To the sharp edges

Standing at hand 

to scratch their innocence 

If I stayed… 

they’ll be in harm’s way 

From a mind that thinks not 

From a heart that explodes 

From a love that sees 

Too much discipline 

From the hands that’s 

Rugged from trying to 

Give them the best.. 

the lines under my eyes 

Turning into crest 

I’m a predator 

In the eyes of the world 

But to my kids 

I’m the one 

Shielding them 

I’m the one

Where they find rest.. 

nothing can move me

From holding that net.. 


Pearl like drops icy n cold glistening in the dark a night not so stark … by the crystals, dangling from trees creating a soft symphony amazing, how a little rain turned into ice a winter won…

Source: iceberg…

Quit Facebook ?

I have been debating whether I should quite Facebook and its been a while. Initially I had created the account much to my family’s insistence, just so we could share lots of pics wherever we travelled. The invites started growing as our (very large) family linked eachother…it wasn’t long when extended family, in-laws, friends through school and universities, co-workers, and then friends of friends and more so friends of friends of friends could locate you and your where-abouts. Many found their long lost ‘school’ friends n teachers through this channel; we much to be thankful for.

It seemed exciting, yet created some points of jealousy, seeing someone wear the latest dress, see someone go to a restaurant you so badly to go, see friends get together n you weren’t included or forgotten… admire people’s vacation spot and feel sad that you weren’t going….

Anyone could stalk anyone, still can, if you don’t have a strict privacy setting. Then, from nowhere the pop-ups started. It seemed that someone from behind the screen could read the cognition of your interest and send a link.

Over the years, I find this page to have become a norm, from a hype its become a habit. Even in the most hopeless of situations, one would just sit, open the FB page on a mobile or screen and get a peep into other people’s lives. “oh, so they met last week… they were in the neighbourhood and didn’t even tell us…”

For some people, taking a bite of food comes after posting the ‘pic’ of the food… some believe in sharing their ‘angry thoughts’ rather then share a part of their wisdom, some like to see how many ‘likes’ they received after they attended a party, “how come she got more ‘likes’ then me? my dress was more gorgeous…”, some critically eye who has made the best comment on their family pics, and for some, who lead their lives totally through FB, love spreading false news, alter a video and spread it with a different message. I myself have fallen prey to such idiocy, but with experience comes acuity, and with acuity comes discernment.

When someone brings awareness for homeless and creates a page or event to help an orphanage, when an event such as a food drive or a toy drive includes hundreds and thousands of people, when people from different origins and cultures join hands to help a child fighting with cancer, when authors create a group to help all the writers to come out of their nooks and many such ‘whens’ makes me open up my FB home page and start over again.

My mother keeps asking me if I read the latest quote she shared ? She likes sharing quotes and at times she would tag one suitable to me or my brothers. I plead guilty to not see them mostly, specially when I’m going through the ‘ignore Facebook for awhile’ phase. which’s why I haven’t downloaded the FB app on my phone… it seems simpler without it.

But things are not simpler, specially when one is looking through denseness…

And Nobody can make a difference unless they adhere to it. Mark Zuckerberg, a boy with an insight became a man of innovation, and one of the youngest entrepreneurs of his time. He gave us a message, that using the brain to its full capacity, won’t diminish its size. It’ll only multiply and thread a link with those, looking for a cue towards a new beginning.

To me, this is a new beginning…


Bridge it…

“Trying to bridge a way between distances, stumbling over thorns n falling through bushes… I yearn to stand on a platform that’ll take me to an open field !” SFC

Long ago, that quote felt more obscure. I have learnt, that looking at any mirror from the past shows a negative reflection. The more we try to see a clear image, the more hazy it turns out. So, I came to a solution. Why not erase it completely ?

Few months back, I myself would have voiced it to be ‘impossible’. No, its not. Its difficult, for some very difficult, but not impossible. This is what we convince ourselves. This is what, I convinced myself. I could keep looking at my reflection and embrace all the miseries of the past Or (don’t let it be an option)  I could devoid my mind of all those negativities and create brighter images. Formulate a happy note from those tears. Bridge it. And then navigate the same reflection at every step. The dark clouds turn blue. The wilted plants regain its strength. The noise in the house becomes music. And you find that you were standing on that  open field, though it just became wider. img_6164


Have you ever considered, what’s it like to be reborn? Ofcourse, scientifically, its not possible, but there are many areas, where practicality linked with science feels more like a dim light.

There is not much difference between an illusion and a delusion. Both are described as a misconception or a fantasy which can only be felt in a disturbed mind. According to the dictionary, they are both false perceptions of reality.

I don’t agree with this theory. An illusion can become a part of reality. Happiness, Love, Sadness, Hatred; its a series of emotions which is conspicuous on a person’s face. But there is a feeling that goes beyond the ones mentioned. It’s a deep inner feeling, that’s only felt by the contents of the heart. It sends a smiling notion to the mind, while it holds all expressions on the face. It sends a warm tinted feeling on the skin, but it stays away from the lightness in the eyes. It shows all signs of maturity from the body language, but it spreads all the innocence dug deep in the heart. It’s an illusion, but its not a fantasy.

It’s more like being reborn, without any disturbance in the mind; without any misconceptions that deludes one from happiness.